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Waste Collection, Treatment and Incineration
at Port or Anchorage

We service vessels upon their arrival at port or Pacific anchorage, complying with all national and international regulations, and provide certification of final disposal.


We also incinerate additional wastes including certain industrial wastes, oil residue, and items damaged in transport in compliance with applicable quarantine guidelines.

We also provide services for the secure destruction of sensitive documents.


Sewage Water Collection and Treatment in Compliance with MARPOL Annex IV

We collect and treat your sewage water to be biologically purified in our Sewage Water Plant.

potable water supply.jpg

Potable Water Supply

We provide potable water in the Pacific at any pier of the Port of Balboa Port, as well as via barge and tugboat at anchorage.

Panama Canal, Bridge of the Americas, Pa


Naves Supply is the preeminent maritime waste service company in the Republic of Panama, internationally recognized for our high standards and commitment to ending the pollution of the sea.

We were founded in 1997 in the Port of Balboa, Panama as a concessionary of the port operator Panama Ports Company, which operates the Port of Balboa in the Pacific and Cristobal Port in the Atlantic, via its concessions with the Panamanian government.

In 2000, Naves Supply became the first company in Panama to install an incinerator to render a new service: the reception and disposal of maritime waste.  

Prior to the offering of Naves Supply's services, Panama was "not in compliance" with its obligations in respect of the proper disposal of maritime waste, as established in the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, MARPOL 73/78.  


Working together with the local sanitary and quarantine authorities, Naves Supply participated in an awareness campaign to let the world know that Panama was now offering these MARPOL mandated services to ships coming to port, while the pertinent authorities updated existing regulations and laws.

To this day, Naves Supply continues to provide the services of waste disposal and water supply from our base of operations at the Port of Balboa in Panama City to vessels that dock at the port or transit the Panama Canal.

Panama Canal, Bridge of the Americas, Pa



Naves Supply is the exclusive operator within Hutchinson Ports PPC, Puerto de Balboa (Pacific).  We also provide service in any port of the Republic of Panama.

We have 20+ years experience providing international waste management to major shipping companies such as Maersk Lines, MSC, and others, as well as to vessels of the United States Navy and other countries' naval forces.  Naves Supply ensures the satisfaction of the highest safety standards and full compliance with environmental regulations, as required by our important international clientele.

We are certified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as a duly accredited company for waste management in compliance with Annexes IV and V of the MARPOL 73/78 Convention.

In 2011, we were chosen to represent Panama in a Voluntary Audit before the International Maritime Organization (IMO), for the verification of Panama's compliance with the MARPOL Treaty.  With Naves Supply's assistance, Panama passed the audit successfully, making a significant contribution to the maritime sector of our country.

In 2019, Naves Supply was awarded a concession contract by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), an agency of the United Nations, for the collection, transportation, incineration and final disposal of international waste at the International Airport of Tocumen, Republic of Panama.  





For any inquiries or service requests, please contact us:

Office: (+507) 232-5415

            (+507) 232-7243


Administration: (+507) 6615-8793

Operations: (+507) 6614-5723


Port of Balboa, Muelle 7

Panama, Republic of Panama

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